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Incan Abraham contemplate conflict on new indie pop anthem “In My Bones” — listen

on December 02, 2016, 2:25pm

Photo by Sheva Kafai

As a persistent synthesizer and a disco drum beat propel “In My Bones” forward, the band that wrote it can’t help but think back on the past. That is, after all, where the journey of Incan Abraham really begins: Teddy Cafaro, Spencer Mandel, and Giuliano Pizzulo are childhood friends who reunited only after going their separate ways for part of their early 20s. (Pizzulo actually served as the touring guitarist and keyboardist for Passion Pit during this time). Now that they’re back together and one LP — 2014’s Tolerance — deep into their life as a musical trio, the group has focused on creating expansive soundscapes that reflect their wealth of individual experiences.

“In My Bones” is one such soundscape, a gentle but driving indie pop song complete with all the anthemic swells and introspective lyrics we’ve come to expect from the genre. The band describes it as “a song about conflict — between the intuitive and the practical, the tangible and the cryptic, and pushing onward despite it all.” Incan Abraham practice a quiet, contemplative brand of catharsis; they may not make you rush the stage, but they will leave you with plenty to think about on the long walk home.

Listen to “In My Bones” below and check out Incan Abraham when they play in Los Angeles at School Night at Bardot on December 12th.

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