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Actual robots cover Kraftwerk’s “The Robots” — watch

on January 31, 2017, 2:40pm


Music technology has been advancing at a record clip in recent years. Computers and technology have provided artists with a seemingly infinite number of ways to control the sounds they turn into songs. But Italian creator Giuseppe Acito has taken things to the next echelon by not just using technology to create music, but allowing technology to actually play music.

Acito has turned a group of LEGO Bionicle figures into an actual robot band he calls Tao Mata Band. A few years back, he shared a video of the bionic band covering Daft Punk’s “Da Funk”, but his latest clip finds him going completely meta. As you can see in the video above, music’s own Isaac Asimov had his Tao Mata bandmates join him in a cover of Kraftwerk’s “The Robots”.

Using a carefully arranged series of microcontrollers, music DAW, pocket synths, old smartphones, and a repurposed 3D printer, Acito was able to have his tiny robot performers tap out the electronic pioneer’s 1978 track. Everything was controlled through Arudino boards, allowing the Tao Mata Band to play their part while Acito sang and played a synthesizer. It’s all amazingly choreographed and the end result is a shockingly referential — and perhaps disturbingly apt — rendition.

Let’s just hope Acito continues to use his powers for good and we aren’t all bowing down to our robot overlords anytime soon.