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Andrew St. James waltzes toward a better life in new single “What A World” — listen

on January 12, 2017, 2:00pm

Photo by Jim Greer

“The fact is, there’s a lot of hurt in this country,” San Francisco singer-songwriter Andrew St. James tells Consequence of Sound, “and it comes with a great deal of merit. Good people are being disenfranchised, taken advantage of, and discriminated against on all sides. It’s universal.”

That’s enough to make a lot of folks throw up their hands in despair, but the 21-year-old St. James has a different solution to society’s ills: to sing himself hoarse and hope that the power of music can, in some small way, make things better.

His latest single, “What A World”, is a dreamlike waltz periodically punctured with the exclamation in the title, which is perhaps meant to be taken in two ways. “What a world!” we might say at our most hopeless moments, or whenever we turn on the nightly news to see what new destruction awaits. Conversely, we might utter the same phrase in awe at our own ability to push forward and find something to hold close amidst all the chaos. “What a world” indeed.

Look out for more from the young St. James, who will have a new album and two 7-inch records out this spring. Until then, listen in to “What A World” below.

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