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Father John Misty calls the current state of the world “Pure Comedy” on new song — listen

on January 23, 2017, 1:29pm


Featured photo by Ben Kaye

A political and cultural climate like the one we currently find ourselves in is rife with possibilities for a guy like Father John Misty. From his now infamous XPN Festival “performance” to covering Tim Heidecker’s “Trump’s Pilot” and releasing his own “Holy Hell”, the man aka Joshua Tillman has pulled no punches in voicing his opinion. His latest single again takes a shot at the current state of the world, calling it — as stated clearly in the title — “Pure Comedy”.

The song itself is one of FJM’s familiar Americana ballads, a gentle meander that belies the deeply critical lyricism. Wondering whether it’s wise to bring a child into such a turbulent world, the song questions everything from climate change to religion. “Their languages just serve to confuse them,” Tillman sings. “Their confusion somehow makes them more sure/ They build fortunes poisoning their offspring.” The video for the track leaves no mystery as to whom “they” are, as clips of religious leaders, Kanye West, and even Pepe the frog play while Tillman continues, “Where did they find these goons they elected to rule them?/ What makes these clowns they idolize so remarkable?”

According to a description accompanying the video, it was created by Matthew Daniel Siskin and “everyone in America”. Watch it above.