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Father John Misty’s “Two Wildly Different Perspectives” is a timely commentary on Trump’s immigration policy — watch

on January 30, 2017, 3:55pm

In the run up to his new album, Pure Comedy, Father John Misty’s J. Tillman hasn’t shied away from skewering our new “president” and the depressing state of world affairs. In addition to covering Tim Heidecker’s audacious “Trump’s Pilot”, he’s delivered two sharp-tongued originals: the bleak political ballad “Holy Hell” and “Pure Comedy”, which hears Tillman ask, “Where did they find these goons they elected to rule them?/ What makes these clowns they idolize so remarkable?”. Now, he’s unveiled the video for another poignant track from Pure Comedy: “Two Wildly Different Perspectives.”

It’s a timely release in the wake of Trump’s abhorrent executive order implementing a Muslim ban, and provides much needed insight into the repercussions of such a policy. The video tells the story of a supposed terrorist killed by American soldiers after being egged on by sensationalistic news anchors — but the rub is that they’re all children.

As Tillman writes in a note accompanying the video, “More kids are going to die now thanks to the unbelievably selfish immigration policy of places like Saudi Arabia and the USA.”

Pure Comedy arrives April 7th through Sub Pop Records.

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