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The 13 Scariest Cover Songs

on January 13, 2017, 1:00pm
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Nick Cave – “Avalanche” (Leonard Cohen Cover)

Out of all the darkness that pools in Leonard Cohen‘s Songs of Love and Hate, the song that drowns the deepest in it is “Avalanche”. Cohen sings about obsession over syncopated flamenco guitar pattern. But it’s when the song begins revealing just how far that obsession runs (“It is your turn, beloved/ It is your flesh that I wear”) that the horror of his story unveils itself. Over three decades ago, Nick Cave covered the song on his 1984 album, From Her to Eternity, with tons of snarling and ominous bass. It’s well known that Cave is the master of scary songwriting, but when he wields a fellow musician’s twisted song, he becomes an even more troubled painter, dashing hues of grey and troubled black all over the original piece. Even his recent rerecording of the song for Black Sails in 2015, though filtered through minimalist structure, pushes Cohen’s song into a darker realm.


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