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The Band Ice Cream leave little to the imagination on “Jerk It Off” — listen

on January 30, 2017, 10:45am

A typical song about failed romance will focus on the heartbreak and loneliness that comes when love isn’t meant to be. But every now and again, a band will find empowerment in being alone. They’ll realize that peace can, ahem, come without a lover’s touch. It’s that solitary bliss that The Band Ice Cream champion on their unambiguously titled new single “Jerk It Off”.

“‘Jerk It Off’ was conceived in a dingy, sweaty room with walls covered in pictures from old porno mags,” explains the San Francisco band’s singer/guitarist Joe Sample. “It was our old practice space. The riff was pretty dirty so we knew the lyrics had to be too. Masturbation is a reoccurring theme of conversation for us, and the hook ‘jerk it off’ stuck immediately. It’s pervy and empowering. Probably had the most fun recording the vocal takes … Nothing like telling your friends they need to yell ‘jerk it off’ with more authority!”

For a song with a theme of self-pleasure, “Jerk It Off” is certainly a lot of fun for anyone listening. It’s garage pop for the stoned surfer, playful guitar licks skipping and swaying over sturdy drumming from Louie Rappoport. Impeccably produced by the legendary Bruce Botnick (The Door’s L.A. Woman, engineer on The Beach Boy’s Pet Sounds), the liberating mix is fittingly shameless as Sample growls, “You had your chance/ I don’t need romance/ I just need my hands baby.” Take a listen below.

“Jerk It Off” is the opening track from The Band Ice Cream’s forthcoming full-length debut, Classically Trained. Pre-orders for the album are going on here.

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