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CAESAR sparkle and wander on new single “Crossed Wires” — listen

on February 09, 2017, 11:30am

Manchester four-piece CAESAR playfully describe their sound as “alien music,” but they have much more in common with ’90s shoegazers Ride and Red House Painters than they do with extraterrestrial beings. The group’s new single, “Crossed Wires”, does as its title promises, meandering back and forth as its melodies become hopelessly entangled in an atmosphere that’s thick enough to touch. It’s a potent concoction that’s sure to please fans of slowcore, early emo, or any chemical mixture of the two.

Speaking with Consequence of Sound, CAESAR describe “Crossed Wires” as evoking “the division between winter and spring, an outward optimism with a lingering shadow.” That’s the kind of poetry you’ll find when you check out the song below or buy the single when it drops on February 10th via Blak Hand Records.

“Crossed Wires” Single Artwork:

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