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Father John Misty calls out “overrated hacks, homophobes, and hipsters” on new song “Ballad of the Dying Man” — listen

on February 01, 2017, 9:50am

On April 7th, J. Tillman will return with a new Father John Misty album called Pure Comedy. The Sub Pop release, which follows 2015’s I Love You, Honeybearis said to examine themes of politics, aging, and human connection, all of which happen to be at the core of his latest single “Ballad of the Dying Man”.

Accompanied by little more than an acoustic guitar, light piano, and a faint choir, it’s a slow-rolling number that gives listeners a window into the mind of a man who is close to crossing over to the other side. Rather than ruminating on the afterlife or the loved ones he’s leaving behind, he’s troubled — terrified, really — by the thought of not being able to help his fellow man through a particularly trying time not unlike the one America’s currently facing.

Even while buried six feet under, the man’s certain he’ll think of the “overrated hacks running amok, all of the pretentious ignorant voices that will go unchecked, the homophobes, hipsters, and 1%,” sings Tillman. It’s a thoughtful, biting cut that will probably make everyone think twice about ever being a silent, complacent citizen. Stream it below.

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