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Laura Marling shares self-directed video for new song “Next Time” — watch

on February 17, 2017, 12:11pm

Featured photo by Hollie Fernando

The admirably prolific Laura Marling is set to release her sixth album in nine years, Semper Femina, on March 10th via her own More Alarming Records. With the help of co-producer Blake Mills (Alabama Shakes, Jim James), the British folk singer-songwriter looks to have created her most fully realized record to date. We’ve heard that demonstrated on previous singles “Wild Fire” and “Soothing”, and today we get another sampling with “Next Time”.

Gentle guitar plucks teeter back and forth over homemade percussion that sounds like the opening and closing of old dresser drawers. For all its lightness, there’s a subtle claustrophobia present, as if Marling has found herself trapped in her own decisions. “I don’t want to be the kind / Struck by fear, to run and hide,” she sings. “I’ll do better next time.”

That sense of being oddly confined by the choices you’ve made is reflected in the video for the track, which you can watch above. It finds a woman dancing through a large, ornate bedroom, seemingly desperate to leave but simultaneously unable to make herself go. Following “Soothing”, the clip is the second of three videos directed by Marling for singles off Semper Femina.

Pre-orders for the album are going on now. Thanks to a collaboration with Kobalt, you can also pre-save Semper Femina to your Spotify library. Use your Spotify login to sign in here, and as soon as the album is available, it will automatically be added to your collection.

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