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Real Estate preview swirling new track “Two Arrows” — listen

on February 01, 2017, 6:00pm

Guitar pop darlings Real Estate went through a bit of a restructuring phase in 2016, losing longtime member Matt Mondanile and adding guitarist Julian Lynch to the mix. As we heard last week when the band debuted “Darling”, the first single from their forthcoming LP In Mind, their sound is still built around the same slippery guitar and bass melodies.

But In Mind may yet have some surprises. Frontman Martin Courtney recently sat down with Bob Boilen of NPR and previewed the second song from the LP, a swirling, seven-minute rocker called “Two Arrows”. Boilen immediately picked up on the track’s similarity to The Beatles‘ “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”, and here’s what Courtney had to say:

We’re always trying to recreate The Beatles, especially Abbey Road. I look at us as an album band, so we just thought it’d be kind of funny if we make that much of a reference to them. We even chopped the song off — it just stops cold. We just thought it’d be funny. That album is an archetype to me, especially side B. It represents some kind of ideal to me of what I’m always trying to make — not that we’re putting together medleys or anything like that. But just a perfect album, even though it has its flaws. That, and the fact that my two-year old daughter became obsessed with it, so I had to listen to it a lot. So I took a lot of cues from that, either subconsciously or not.

Real Estate will release In Mind on March 17th via Domino. Listen to the snippet of “Two Arrows” below (it starts around the 14:50 mark).

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