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The 10 Best Power Couples in Music

on February 14, 2017, 4:35pm
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This feature originally ran February 2016.

Sex sells, but when it comes to songs, love sells even more. The music world lives, eats, and breathes love songs, from Adele’s powerful ballads to The Beatles’ catchy pop songs and everything in between. It’s a given that any album taken off a store shelf will have a heartbreak revival anthem or a grateful ode to the magical feeling of being in love – but how often do we see those idealized lyrics come to life onstage?

The thing is, two musicians circling around one another in this weird solar system known as music, especially if you’re in the same band together, makes things tense. You’re under the same songwriting pressures, entertainment stressors, and desire to climb ahead, all while also rooting for your partner. It’s natural to feel a nagging sense of intrusion and irritation. That’s why most cool music relationships — Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, Jack White and Meg White, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale — end in divorce. When two stars get too close to one another, things ignite – or, worse, they explode.

But we’re not here to mourn failed relationships. Puh-leaze. This is about acknowledging couples whose love is still going strong. When it comes to this breed, many of them stay out of the spotlight; that’s one of their keys to longevity. Another secret? Well, after looking at this list, it’s safe to say it’s important to have a heart of gold. While it’s easy to nab relationship goals from couples whose unexpected deaths — Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love; Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson; John Lennon and Yoko Ono — cut things short, it’s better yet to look at the modest couples still rocking out today. After all, they’re the ones who not only figured out how to keep the peace while dealing with the drudges of touring, sleep exhaustion, and soundcheck struggles, but they wake up each day ready to do it all over again – and they look happy doing it.

Here are the 10 couples we aspire to be like. How do they pull off being in a band together for decades without ripping their hair out? Unfortunately, we don’t know, but that doesn’t mean we never will. These are the real relationship goals. Like all goals, they’re achievable if you try … or something like that.  How does that tune go again?

– Nina Corcoran
Associate Editor


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