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The Picturebooks declare “I Need That Oooh” on new single — listen

on February 10, 2017, 2:01pm

Photo by Claus Grabke

If there’s something about The Picturebooks’ sound that has you thinking of dirty garages filled with motorcycles and stale beer, then you’re grasping the concept. The German duo of vocalist/guitarist Flynn Claus Grabke and drummer Philipp Mirtschink actually record in the same garage where they refurbish and repair choppers. It’s the same space in which they built their own percussion instruments and worked on their aggressive blues rock sound. You can think of it like their Fortress of Solitude, a place where their music is pure and their aesthetic feels at home.

But when you’re out on the road for weeks at a time, you can’t fly back home for some quick rejuvenation like Superman can. Touring can sap the energy right out of you, and sometimes you just look at your bandmate and say, “I need that Oooh.” Which is exactly what happened to Grabke and Mirtschink in a remote rest area of Wales when they came up with their new song, “I Need That Oooh”.

“The first thing [Fynn] had was the line, ‘I need that Oooh,’ basically meaning ‘I need inspiration and motivation,'” the band tells Consequence of Sound, “which was exactly what we needed because we had been on tour for such a long time at that point. The rest of the song was written at the rest area without any instruments. Fynn was humming the guitar and melody, improvising lyrics, of which we kept 80%. Phillip was planing out drums in his head, various iPhone recordings were made right there and then. When we returned home, we went straight to the studio and finished the song in just a few days.”

There’s a workmanship to the track’s driving nature, guitars chugging through sweat and mallets bashing into toms. You can feel the verve begin to drain on the bridge as Grabke sings, “I need that oooh, oooh/ I’m beggin’ you please,” only to find his plea answered on the thundering outro. Take a listen below.

“I Need That Oooh” is the latest single off Home is a Heartache, The Picturebooks’ sophomore album and Another Century label-debut. Pre-orders through iTunes or Amazon come with an insta-grat download of “I Need That Oooh” and the record’s lead track, “Zero Fucks Given”.

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