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Tim Heidecker soundtracks our forthcoming destruction with folksy “Trump Talkin’ Nukes” — listen

on February 09, 2017, 5:55pm

Photo by Philip Cosores

The last time we checked in on comedian, folk musician, and man-of-the-people Tim Heidecker, he had just debuted a warm and comforting piano ballad about punching white supremacist Richard Spencer in the face. Heidecker has now jumped back into the political fray by becoming the latest artist to contribute to Our First 100 Days, the subscription compilation that benefits organizations opposing President Trump’s policies. Heidecker’s folksy new song is titled “Trump Talkin’ Nukes” and tackles the fact that we’re all pretty much fucked now that a petulant orange man-baby has his hands on the nuclear codes. Despite lyrics that ominously refer to “mushroom clouds” and children using garden tools as weapons, it’s a semi-sweet piano ballad that makes for some easy listening. If this is what armageddon sounds like, well, things could be worse.

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