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Michael Angelakos discusses “honest” new Passion Pit album in open letter

on March 26, 2017, 2:20pm

To coincide with the launch of his new artist advocacy company, Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos recently released a number of new songs via social media. Totaling 10 tracks in all, they are part of a full-length album/compilation entitled, Tremendous Sea of Love. Last week, he offered free copies of the project in exchange for tweets about science.

Now, in a new open letter, Angelakos offers more context on the project. “Tremendous Sea of Love is an album for us, for me and for you,” he writes. “Something happened when I started making music ‘professionally.’ What happened is I forgot how fun, how beautiful it was to share the version of music that was not the ‘product.’ When I say product I mean the b version of the song, or album that was done, finished, ready for a sale.”

Angelakos says the material included on Tremendous Sea of Love was “quickly rendered, or written the night before it was uploaded, was mixed to the best of my ability.” He adds that the songs “were not perfect, but they were honest. Honestly is important because clearly we can, as humans, detect falsehoods and yet today we are discussing ‘alternative truths.'”

“I wrote this album to tell myself and to tell you that you were always good enough. That the money we spend agreeing with people, it is adding insult to injury.”

Read Angelakos’ full note below:

If that weren’t enough, Angelakos is teasing a second project called ayla., due out May 17th. Watch a teaser trailer below: