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Ranking: Every Black Sabbath Album from Worst to Best

on March 09, 2017, 9:45am
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18. Seventh Star (1986)

bs12 Ranking: Every Black Sabbath Album from Worst to Best

Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi: …reads the spine of this unfortunate LP that was intended to be a Tony Iommi solo album. It features none of original Sabbath lineup except Iommi; however pressure from the record label forced his hand. You can tell it’s not a Sabbath album when you listen to it; more vanilla hard rock than heavy metal.

Picking over Deep Purple’s scraps: New vocalist Glenn Hughes — also a former Deep Purple singer and bassist — replaced Gillan, who made a quick exit after Born Again.

Average track length: 3:55

Best riff: “Danger Zone”

Cover art deductions: It looks like an Iommi solo album, too.


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