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Spelling Bee: The 10 Best Songs with Spelled-Out Words

on March 01, 2017, 12:00pm
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09. Run the Jewels – “Stay Gold” (2016)

run the jewels Spelling Bee: The 10 Best Songs with Spelled Out Words

The Word(s): G-O-L-D

Can You Use It in a Sentence? She got a mean bop/ I got a lean to the way I walk/ And they get it like gold/ G-O-L-D G-O-L-D, it’s gold

Degree of Difficulty: 2/10. Unless Run the Jewels is drawing more toddlers to their records than their live shows indicate, only fans who were smoking joints with Mike and El before the show would need help with this four-letter basic. All the spelling is done for emphasis here.

What Have We Learned? Staying gold has been an instruction since the poetry of Robert Frost, borrowed by the likes of First Aid Kit and Ponyboy Curtis to instruct on the nature of mutability. In the hands of RtJ, it’s fodder for many golden references, with grills, geese, and Gadaffi all making glittery appearances. And the G-O-L-D cadence is infectious as all hell, leaving the centerpiece for the song in the audience’s head long after the music stops playing. –Philip Cosores


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