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A Brief History of Prince Being Prince

on April 21, 2017, 1:30pm
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Baby, He’s a Starr?

prince rolling stone cover

Speaking with Rolling Stone for a 1983 feature, Prince’s Minneapolis funk-soul contemporary and eventual big-screen co-star Morris Day insisted that Jamie Starr, the producer credited on early albums by his band The Time, as well as the lingerie-loving girl group Vanity 6, was a real person. RS writer Debby Miller wasn’t buying it, though. Starr, she easily surmised, was really just Prince — a guy who had more songs than he could possibly release under his own name and who understood even in his early 20s that mystique is a powerful thing. For as public a figure as Prince is, he’s always done a masterful job of maintaining a sense of mystery, to the point that the dudes in Disclosure recently told Pitchfork they’d think twice about working with him for fear of peeking behind the curtain.


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