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Black Fly shares video for pulsing new single “Sign 2” — watch

on April 27, 2017, 11:20am


Deep in the wilderness of Vermont sits a house. Inside that house is a bedroom, and inside that bedroom works the mysterious Black Fly. Almost nothing is known about the new musician; his debut single, “I Don’t Know”, dropped under a month ago, just three days after his Facebook page was launched. Therefore, as of now, all we really have to go on about Black Fly is his music — and that’s enough.

Whoever this young artist is, he creates some fantastic gothic electronic pop. New single “Sign 2” is another example of his adventurous, exhilarating style of songwriting. Even as synths pulse with life, there’s something haunting bleeding through the track, perhaps flowing out of the thudding low end. It’s a dichotomy that has you questioning whether to feel anxious or charmed, but then you pick up on this strain of beauty throughout and are somehow comforted. It’s there in the twinkling of the keys and the particular rise and fall of Black Fly’s husky voice. Yet again, there’s a conflict between that voice and the words it’s singing, finding hope in lyrics that display none; “And in the ways of love there’s no such lying,” he sings. “Give me up I’m sick of trying/ ‘Cause I won’t be waiting for you.”

The track comes to us via the black-and-white video above. The clip finds Black Fly (we assume) delivering some jerky, jittery dance moves throughout Scotland, Vermont, and New Orleans. Take a look up above.

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