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Top Songs of the Month: Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, and Prince

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09. Lady Gaga – “The Cure”

“I will be right by your side,” Lady Gaga declares on her new track, “The Cure”, and she sings it like that’s precisely what she means. The song marshals her indulgent glittery dance musicality from the past: the finger clicking, pristine clean production, anthemic flute-like synth, and her remarkable falsetto, the exact type that tells us she’s figured out how to fail-safe dance music for people who just want to … dance. Besides being a gloriously glowing pop song akin to a OneRepublic track, the track thrives on a simple sense of support and care, particularly in the verses. Gaga is a master of stringing simple phrases together that hint at deeper significance but are equally in place to intensify the mood, to brighten the day. With DJ White Shadow standing in as co-writer and Nick Monson as co-producer, these vital players who also contributed to Gaga’s 2013 album ARTPOP might give us a hint at what to expect from the star next. –Lior Phillips


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