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Zipper Club share the B-side to their Record Store Day 7-inch, “Regrets” — listen

on April 18, 2017, 2:10pm

If you weren’t looking closely, it might seem like Zipper Club have simply come out of no where. They locked in James Iha to produce their forthcoming debut album, and before it’s even been release they’ve toured with Tears for Fears, performed at Coachella, and are set to take the stage at Shaky Knees. It’s the kind of resumé you’d expect from veterans of the music scene, not up-and-comers.

Well, that’s the thing; the members of Zipper Club are veterans. The band was formed by Mason James of punk outfit Cerebral Ballzy and Lissy Trullie, a performer who had emerged from the New York art scene. They joined together as Zipper Club as a respite from their previous musical paths — grueling years of touring for James and the weight of being a solo artist for Trullie. Their aim for the new project was to create no-nonsense, hook-driven pop songs that weren’t afraid to just be what they were. With Iha behind the boards and the addition of Damar Davis behind the drums, they did exactly that. “I was looking for a breath of fresh air and a new creative outlet,” Trullie said in a press release. “And I found it.”

If you haven’t caught one of their live shows yet, their alternative hit “Going the Distance” may have been your first brush with the band. If not, Zipper Club’s newest track, “Regrets”, is the perfect way to make their acquaintance. The song is the B-side to their Record Store Day 7-inch, and it’s one of the first tracks they recorded as a band. Synths tick away like a new wave clock, gentle and bubbling, while James and Trullie demonstrate their chemistry with cooing harmonies. Though it’s a welcoming introduction, it takes a swift turn during the outro that fans of James’ other band might appreciate. Take a listen below.

“Regrets” will be released along with its A-side, “Breath”, this Record Store Day, April 22nd. The single will be pressed on lavender-scented colored vinyl.