A Jetsons movie is finally on the way, helmed by co-director of Sausage Party

on May 25, 2017, 7:55pm

For quite a few years now, film studios have attempted to update the adventures of George Jetson, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, and Jane, his wife. The popular Hanna-Barbera series focused on a retro-futuristic family has been an option of interest for years, and even if Hanna-Barbera shows aren’t as recognizable as they were by way of their endless ’90s airplay on Cartoon Network, that interest has lingered over the project. Now, The Jetsons might be on the way at last, thanks to one of the directors behind Sausage Party. (Any subsequent speculation about an animated interplanetary fuckfest can neither be confirmed nor denied at this time.)

Conrad Vernon, one half of the directorial team behind last year’s filthy summer hit, has been tapped to reignite the Jetsons reboot, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Vernon also has directorial credits on a number of Dreamworks hits, from Monsters vs. Aliens to Shrek 2. (In case you’ve forgotten, Shrek 2 remains one of the top 15 highest-grossing films in the U.S. to this day. Truly, memes have begat dreams.) The property has been floating around for years, with Paramount and Universal both trying and failing to get an adaptation going. Now, Warner Bros. will attempt to bring back the property, this time as an animated feature.

At this point in American history, it’s hard to say how much demand may or may not remain for a reboot of everyone’s favorite space-age family, particularly among kids who live in a future that’s (in a number of ways) far more vivid and technologically advanced than the one the show usually imagined. Still, if every viable old property must be dusted off, an animated series that retains the mid-century feel of the show could be an enjoyable time. But who are we kidding; it’s likelier we’ll see a stylistic take in which the Jetson family eats at a futuristic Burger King or some such.

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