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Azusena grapples with emotional self-sabotage on “Better” — listen

on May 31, 2017, 10:05am

Self-sabotage is an unavoidable part of youth. We’re drawn to what’s bad for us. It’s painful, sure, but it’s how we learn how to feel. Emotions are such a tricky thing, though, that what ignites the young heart also serves to scorch it, to leave lasting scars in an organ that can’t stop palpitating. It’s this all-too-real contradiction that Azusena captures on “Better”.

The latest single from the 23-year old British-American artist, “Better” sets Azusena’s sumptuous vocals against thick, swelling synths that bubble up around her before shuddering in the presence of skittering drumbeats. “And I’ll think of calling you when everything is hard / But I am too afraid when you are who you are,” she sings, offering up a pair of sentiments that deftly convey the emotional complexities of codependency.

“’Better’ is a deep attachment to someone very close to you because of the way they understand you and your behaviour but all the insecurities you have are rooted from them anyway,” she tells Consequence of Sound. A painter in addition to a singer, Azusena seeks out the colors in her music. “‘Better’ was one of the songs I painted the template to while listening to the song. Those were the colours that came to me. The words felt like an ocean scene.”

Listen to it below.



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