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Pink Floyd’s 10 Best Deep Cuts

on May 31, 2017, 12:00am

Set the controls for the heart of every Pink Floyd fan: We’re celebrating Roger Waters’ highly anticipated return with a week of Floydian features that will make you wish you were here forever. Today, Justin Gerber handpicks the best Pink Floyd deep cuts.

It’s difficult to determine what a “deep cut” is when it comes to Pink Floyd. While casual fans are familiar with The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, there is little outside of those two albums that they can pull from upon questioning (and I demand answers). Die-hard fans are familiar with everything the band have ever released. To find a good median, here’s how we began to break it down:

01. Eliminated any singles the band released over their 50-plus-year run.
02. Eliminated any tracks from Dark SideThe Wall, or any release between.

That left us with a healthy number of albums and B-sides to pull from. We wanted to bridge the gap between the deep cuts that are often left out in casual conversation and those left out on random Floyd message boards. A rigorous effort was made to collect tracks from across the decades (I nearly broke my back!). We wanted to explain why the selected tracks were not only worthy of inclusion, but how in some cases they best captured the band in a specific moment of their history.

If you don’t know Pink Floyd, here are some good deep cuts to investigate. If you know them quite well, enjoy the reminiscing. Shine on…

–Justin Gerber
Senior Writer