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Ridley Scott’s Top 10 Films

on May 17, 2017, 12:00am

10. Legend (1985)

Here’s a prime example of Scott’s visuals far surpassing the narrative content of his film. Legend is superb in its very watchable effects, makeup, and production design. Incredibly in-depth makeup. And unicorns rushing through cherry blossom petals. Actually, come to think of it, you can probably skip Legend and do a thorough Google image search of production stills and makeup tests and other sightly things this movie gave us. Tom Cruise is the generic leading hero boy. Mia Sara the princess, or girl Tom Cruise must rescue. Something like that … look, Tim Curry is all latexed up as Darkness, and it’s the most memorable thing about Legend. Seriously, did you look at those giant horns? Like a bull’s head stuck on a man. And Ridley Scott supposedly gave Curry the job because of Rocky Horror. Kinky.

It’s funny to imagine Ridley Scott bugging the hell out of makeup guru Rob Bottin on set, giving the same note over and over about Darkness’ makeup: “Bigger” written on a Post-it or something like that. Then Bottin would have a fit and curse Scott’s design madness.

Best Moment: Every time Darkness shows up and the mind boggles at his physical presence and great big horns. Were those made of carbon fiber?

–Blake Goble