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Top Songs of the Month: HAIM, Roger Waters, and Future

on May 31, 2017, 2:00pm

10. Roger Waters – “Déjà Vu”

Roger Waters has obviously tapped into something that resonates with people over the years. His concepts, lyrics, and the grandeur of his vision, whether on his own in the studio, on tour, or as a member of Pink Floyd, have no doubt touched most of us in a profound way at some point. I’m not versed in all things Floydian enough to stack “Déjà Vu” against the many other ideas he’s projected out into the world, but it’s nevertheless inspiring to see a 73-year-old artist with something left to say about the world as he sees it. And it’s a message as fitting as any for these troubled times. As we watch our world grow more violent, disconnected, and inhumane, how often we must all wonder, “Why can’t we do better?” It’s a question we dare not speak aloud because it sounds so childish, and that’s part of the problem. When did common sense and human decency become silly, unsophisticated notions? Waters poses a very simple question, and the damning stamp on humanity is that we have no answers. –Matt Melis


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