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A kid befriends a robot soldier in ODESZA’s video for “Line of Sight” — watch

on June 19, 2017, 12:52pm

ODESZA made their return back in April with the new song “Line of Sight”. Featuring WYNNE and Mansionair, the dreamy electronica track ended up being a precursor the duo’s forthcoming third album, A Moment ApartWith the record officially set for a September 8th release via Counter Records, ODESZA have today shared the video accompaniment for “Line of Sight”.

Directed by Daniel Brown, the clip is incredibly cinematic. It’s shot like an independent sci-fi flick with the budget to match, telling the story of a young boy wandering a war-ravaged world. It seems an army of robot soldiers have taken over and are battling the last remaining human rebels. When the kid comes across one of the deactivated invaders, however, he boots it up with a more amiable disposition. Think of it as some sort of cross between TerminatorThe Iron Giant, and… let’s say Chappie.

Check out the video above. For more of A Moment Apart, check out “Late Night”“Meridian”, and “Corners of the Earth”.

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