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Bonnaroo man arrested for “doing God’s work by selling fake drugs”

on June 09, 2017, 12:35pm

It’s no secret that drugs are very much a part of music festival culture. Bonnaroo, in particular, has long been a haven for such illicit activities, and each summer aspiring entrepreneurs try to make a quick buck by transporting large quantities of drugs to sell on the festival grounds. More often than not, they end up being caught by state troopers and face an extended stay in Tennessee’s finest jail cell. That’s the case for a New York man who was arrested Thursday with the intent to distribute.

Only, David Brady wasn’t actually pushing real drugs. No, as FOX17 Nashville reports, he was found in possession of “37 pills made to look as if they were molly, 22 bags of fake mushrooms, approximately 1,000 hits of fake acid, 20 bags made to look like cocaine, and an incense stick made to look like black tar heroin.”

Brady reportedly told officers that he was “doing God’s work by selling fake drugs.” Nevertheless, he was arrested and charged with two counts of counterfeit controlled substances and will be extradited to Arkansas, where he is wanted for a felony bench warrant.

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