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Chris Cornell’s daughters pen loving tributes to their father

on June 20, 2017, 12:26pm

Since his passing, Chris Cornell’s Facebook page has become something of a public memorial, the posting grounds for an endless number of tributes to the late musician. Friends like Josh Brolin and Linkin Parkin’s Chester Bennington and family members including his wife Vicky and brother Peter have all used the page to share touching letters. On the Monday after Father’s Day, Cornell’s two daughters added their words to the growing commemoration.

Cornell’s oldest child, Lillian Jean, posted first. Eight days away from turning 18, Lily recalled a summer moment she shared with her loving father a few years back. “A couple summers ago we were biking around Central Park and you told me that there aren’t many truly good people in the world, but that I was one of the few,” she wrote. “You always had such firm confidence and pride in what I did, and your warmth and love inspired me to do my best.”

Toni, Cornell and Vicky’s 12-year-old, daughter posted her note just a few minutes later. She, too, recounted a favorite memory from her time with her dad, this one much more recent. Jet-lagged at the BHH (perhaps the Boston Harbor Hotel or Beverly Hills Hotel), Toni was searching for a movie to watch when Cornell suggested Purple Rain. “I always trusted your judgement. I put it on and immediately fell in love,” wrote Toni. “We then got to your favorite song, ‘The Beautiful Ones’. ‘This song is so special it doesn’t even belong in a genre. When I was in my twenties, I saw this in the theatre and some guy started cracking up laughing at this scene and song. It got me really mad,’ you said. I fell in love with the song too and listened to it on repeat.”

Read both daughters’ remembrances below.

In October 2015, Toni joined her father on stage at New York’s Beacon Theater to cover Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”. Watch the beautiful moment below.

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