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Cody & Danz imagine living the luxe life on new song “If I Only Had $ome Money” — listen

on June 06, 2017, 12:45pm

Cody Crump, better known simply as Cody, is a Los Angeles-based electronic music wizard whose pieces have seen placement on shows such as HBO’s The Leftovers and ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder. Brooklyn songwriter Danielle “Danz” Johnson performs under acclaimed synthpop alter ego Computer Magic. Though about 3,000 miles separate these two musicians, their minds meet on one project, their collaborative debut EP, Only The Hits.

Due out July 14th via Channel 9 Records in the USA and Tugboat Records in Japan (where Danz happens to have a wild following), the EP finds Cody & Danz fusing together a little bit of their respective solo projects. At the same time, the duo also taps into a new well of sound “aimed at having fun, not taking life too seriously, and being yourself,” according to a press release.

The latest single off Only The Hits, “If I Only Had $ome Money”, is all about imagining the good times, especially those that involve a hefty, nonstop cash flow. Music-wise, it’s also a carefree party akin to a 2017 synthpop basement jam session crossed with a 1960s doo-wop showcase. There’s even a bit of woozy psychedelia thrown in for good measure — the kind you obviously want to hear when tossing $100 bills in the air (like you just don’t care). Hear it below.

“We wrote this song during tax season,” Danz tells Consequence of Sound. “Everyone takes money so seriously sometimes, it makes people crazy, and we wanted to make a fun song about it. I always hear people say ‘if I only had some money I would do this or I would do that.’ I like the lyric if I only had some money I would bring people together or change the world, cause I’m not sure how many people would actually do that if they hit the lottery.”

Cody added: “This one is pretty self-explanatory — if you’ve ever felt like you were being held back, or that you would be able to get so much more done if you had a bit more money – then you can probably relate to this little badboy of a song.”

Pre-order the EP here.

Only The Hits EP Artwork:

cody danz only the hits album Cody & Danz  imagine living the luxe life on new song If I Only Had $ome Money    listen

Only The Hits Tracklist:
01. Living in a Different Reality
02. Make It In America
03. If Only I Had $ome Money
04. So Small
05. Running Scared

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