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Die Antwoord’s bonkers horror film Tommy Can’t Sleep stars Jack Black — watch

on June 20, 2017, 5:55pm


In a recent Vice video, Die Antwoord rapper Ninja showed off his storytelling prowess by recounting a hilarious basketball game between Kanye West and Drake. Now, his groupmate Yolandi Visser has taken the opportunity to display her filmmaking skills with the release of a short horror film called Tommy Can’t Sleep.

Visser directed the utterly bizarre film, which features music by The Black Goat. Ninja’s daughter 16 Jones plays the role of Lil Tommy, while Jack Black co-stars as Big Tommy. In the black-and-white film, rats in Tommy’s room are keeping him awake, but his parents — particularly his mom — don’t believe him. When the foul-mouthed young psychopath begrudgingly returns to bed, his active imagination takes over and well, you’ll have to watch it for yourself.

Die Antwoord are currently on the road in support of their alleged final album, The Book of Zef, due out later this year. Check out the full itinerary here.