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HAIM are dancing in the streets in their “Want You Back” video — watch

on June 22, 2017, 10:31am


There’s no better therapy for a sour mood than popping on some headphones, juicing up some tunes, and just going for a walk. That’s essentially what the ladies of HAIM do in their new video for “Want You Back” — minus the headphones. The sisterly trio strut down the street to the Something to Tell You single as the camera stays steady on them for one uncut tracking shot. Much like anyone would do getting lost in such a catchy song, they can’t help themselves for busting out a few dance moves as they head on down the road. Of course, their moves are a bit more choreographed than yours might be.

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Watch the Jake Schreier-directed clip above. Something to Tell You, the long anticipated follow-up to their Days Are Gone debut, is out July 7th. The complete tracklist is below, and sadly lacks that Shania Twain cover they debuted earlier this week.

Something To Tell You Tracklist:
01. Want You Back
02. Nothing’s Wrong
03. Little Of Your Love
04. Ready For You
05. Something To Tell You
06. You Never Knew
07. Kept Me Crying
08. Found It In Silence
09. Walking Away
10. Right Now
11. Night So Long

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