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Pharrell unveils new song “Yellow Light”, taken from the Despicable Me 3 soundtrack — listen

on June 08, 2017, 4:00pm

Photo by Cathy Poulton

Pharrell scored an Oscar nomination with his Despicable Me 2 hit “Happy” back in 2014. Now, the N.E.R.D. member is hoping to find similar success in “Yellow Light”, a song that appears in the next film in the Despicable Me franchise.

“Yellow Light” (not to be confused with the superior “Green Light”) is an upbeat and feel-good kind of cut, as one might expect from a feature like Despicable Me 3. Even so, there’s just something a little too forced about the pep, and things don’t come together as seamlessly as they did on the track’s chart-topping predecessor. Hear it for yourself down below. Update: In the song’s accompanying music video, watch Pharrell and the Minions journey through the streets of Hollywood in a virtual video game.

In addition to Pharrell, composer extraordinaire Hans Zimmer returned to contribute to the Despicable Me 3 soundtrack. Eminem’s music also has featured heavily in promos for the film, which officially opens in theaters on June 30th.

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