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Ride share new song “Lannoy Point” — listen

on June 08, 2017, 4:31pm

In the time since Ride last put out an album, there have been people who were born, got their driver’s license, had their heartbroken, graduated high school, and had their first legal drink. After 21 years away, however, the reunited shoegaze outfit is just one week away from the release of their comeback record, Weather Diaries. Already we’ve heard “Home is a Feeling”“Charm Assault”, and “All I Want” from the June 16th release, and today Ride has shared a final preview: “Lannoy Point”.

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The stunning track opens Weather Diaries, and the slow swirling washes of sound are certainly going to pull listeners into the full album. As a guitar ticks away like the slowed down chimes of a church bell, synthesizers buzz up from the background, signaling that this is the same old Ride with some new, beautiful tricks. Take a listen to the six-minute song below.

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