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Robin Pecknold teases title of fourth Fleet Foxes album

on June 12, 2017, 10:17am

Fleet Foxes return with their new album, Crack-Up, this Friday, June 16th. Five days isn’t a long time to wait considering there’s been six years since their last release, Helplessness Blues. It now seems fans won’t have to be as patient for the band’s fourth album, however, as frontman Robin Pecknold has just teased that a follow-up to Crack-Up is coming sooner than you’d think.

Pecknold posted an image of the word “GIOIA” on Instagram with the simple, cryptic caption, “Lp4 ✌????.” The obvious way to interpret this is that Fleet Foxes have a record called Gioia ready to drop after Crack-Up. Or perhaps Pecknold is just being a troll and pulling fans’ tails. Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll see two new Fleet Foxes albums drop simultaneously on June 16th. But will Gioia pick up where Crack-Up ends, as Crack-Up does with Helplessness Blues? So many questions!

Whatever Gioia ends up being (or not being), you can stream Crack-Up in its entirety here