Top Songs of the Month: Vince Staples, The War on Drugs, and Lorde

on June 30, 2017, 12:00am
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It’s probably just a coincidence that three of our 10 favorite songs from June premiered on the same day, the very first day of the month. It kicked off a calendar page that offered album announcements from cornerstone acts like Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age, that saw Halsey and Katy Perry become the first two women to top the Billboard 200 in 2017, and that featured new album drops from Phoenix and Fleet Foxes.

It’s not that those artists didn’t have entries worthy of our monthly wrap-up (well, except for Perry). It just speaks to how strong of a month June was that cuts like “J-Boy” from Phoenix or “Run” from Foo Fighters had to be left off the list. Also notable was a surprising return to form from Iron & Wine with “Call It Dreaming”, DJDS continuing to elbow their way into mainstream consideration with “Trees on Fire”, most everything from the Lorde and Vince Staples albums, and a trio of Radiohead tracks that have remained dormant for two decades.

What we did settle on was a pair of Atlanta rappers striking gold in collaboration, a standout track off the debut LP from TDE’s first lady, a former Vampire Weekend member shining in technicolor, and our favorite sister act doing their best to honor the memory of the Miami Sound Machine. Plus, you know, those three songs that kicked off June 2017 to be a quite memorable month for music.

–Philip Cosores
Executive Editor


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