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Triggered alpha male Donald Trump has blocked horror author Stephen King on Twitter

on June 13, 2017, 2:00pm

Horror maestro Stephen King hasn’t been shy about his dislike of our current President. Hell, last month he described Donald Trump’s presidency as “worse than any horror story I ever wrote.” Well, it seems King’s relentless needling of Trump’s policies, candor, and response to national tragedy has finally gotten under the Orange One’s thick, waxen skin.

So what was the tweet that broke the Cheetos’ back? Surely, it had to be his blistering responses to the GOP’s healthcare agenda or Trump’s idiotic dismissal of the Paris Accords? Actually, no. King’s last Trump tweet, which he sent out this morning, was this:

Is the mere hint that Trump is surrounded by a cabal of yes-men of shield him from even the smallest grains of truth or criticism that much of a trigger for the President of the United States? Apparently so.

Even better? King doesn’t even tag Trump. He never does. That means dude is searching for this shit.

Also, please don’t kill yourself, Uncle Stevie. We’re really, really hoping to get you on The Losers’ Club, our own podcast about your incredible, genre-spanning body of work. So why don’t you click out of Twitter and give it a listen?