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5j Barrow share romantic folk track “Seagreen Dress”: Stream

on July 20, 2017, 1:50pm

Back in the ’50s and ’60s, folk revivalism found a home in the bohemian setting of New York City’s Greenwich Village. Years of gentrification may have pushed a lot of those artistic types out of the area, but there’s still something of a creative spirit floating around the neighborhood. Sometime in 2011, that spirit wafted its way into apartment 5j on Barrow Street, where Broadway actors Eryn Murman and Jason Hite were honing their singer-songwriter craft. Together they formed 5j Barrow as a tribute to the sounds of their community, something they perfectly capture on their forthcoming EP, The Journey: Vol. 1.

The new release follows their 2014 From the Dim, Sweet Light debut and is today is being previewed with “Seagreen Dress”. Sweet acoustic strums and Hite’s gentle voice beckon you into the song, recalling modern folk favorites like The Civil Wars as much as the artists that launched the scene years ago. By the time the second verse comes in, things have been kicked up to some sort of The Lone Bellow-The Avett Brothers hybrid, though the track never loses its classic sense of romance. “Cause I’ve seen California days/ New York City nights/ Cleveland afternoons/ Nashville’s early morning light,” the duo sing on the chorus. “But nothing, no nothing compares to the way you look tonight.”

“We have a deep love for great old American song book classics,” Hite explains to Consequence of Sound. “They accomplish something so difficult in that they express a profound act or emotion with the simplest lyrics and melodies. In ‘Seagreen Dress’, I wanted to take the limitless love I have for my girl and take a little bit of that inspiration to try and make something easily singable and, dare I say it, timeless.”

Take a listen below.

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