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A Valley Son contemplate life’s variable meaning on new track “The World, It Moves”: Stream

on July 24, 2017, 1:13pm

Photo by Steve Bowen

It’s a question that’s dogged artists and philosophers for years, and no one has really come up with a worthy answer: What is the meaning of all this? No matter our path in life, we all feel that restless nagging for some sort of eternal truth as we seek some form of happiness. The deeper you explore this desire for a final verity, however, the closer you get to realizing there isn’t one.

At least, that’s the conclusion reached by Trey Powell of the New York City-based roots rock outfit A Valley Son. On the band’s new song “The World, It Moves”, Powell revisits different moments in his life where he thought he’d stumbled upon some sort of answer. There was that time he was playing carefree atop discarded home appliances in the woods, or the time he made love — true love — for the first time. As he looks at these different vignettes of his own life, he realizes that there is no definitive answer when the vantage point on the question keeps shifting. “And there’s infinite numbers between zero and one/ We all die chasin’ something,” he sings on the bridge. “But why am I so full of love, why am I so full?/ ‘Cause this all only means what we say it does.”

Explaining the song to Consequence of Sound, Powell says:

“About a year ago I had this super vivid flashback to being a kid and playing on top of rusted refrigerators and washer/dryer sets that someone had thrown out to rot in the woods near my house. It started me thinking about how long ago and far away that was, both literally and figuratively, and also got me thinking about how perspective/understanding of any situation is so malleable over time. As I dove into that idea, the song became my attempt come to terms with what anything means if you look at the world from the viewpoint that people are just constantly making everything up as they go along.”

Take a listen below.

“The World, It Moves” is the latest single and semi-title track from A Valley Son’s debut album, But The World Moves, out September 8th. The band will celebrate the single’s release with a show at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 1) on July 28th. The show starts at 9:00 and you can find more info here.