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Director Jon Watts is in talks to return for the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming

on July 19, 2017, 2:10pm

If somehow you’ve managed to miss it up to this point, let us be the first to assure you that Spider-Man: Homecoming is pretty terrific. And yes, we’re saying that knowing that superhero movies are hitting a point of mass cultural oversaturation, and that we’ve even groused about the same on this very website from time to time. But a good movie’s a good movie, and Homecoming dances up against greatness, in no small part thanks to the confident direction of helmer Jon Watts.

Watts, who’d previously only directed the low-budget indies Cop Car and Clown, ended up turning out the best-loved Spidey outing since Alfred Molina donned the tentacles of Doc Ock, to the tune of $467 million worldwide and counting. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has broken news that Watts is in talks with Marvel and Sony to return for Homecoming‘s sequel, which is already slated for release in July 2019 despite not having a title or (so far) director. Given the film’s rare mix of critical and commercial success, however, we can’t imagine anybody else taking up the mantle.

The nice thing about all of those Easter eggs in Homecoming is that the series can be taken in virtually any direction from here; this writer is partial to that whole “Donald Glover is Miles Morales’ uncle” theory, and that’s to say nothing of the rogues’ gallery that could join Michael Keaton’s exceptional take on the Vulture for a follow-up outing. Be sure to stay with us as we undoubtedly follow the incoming torrent of news and rumors that’ll follow as soon as Watts is confirmed to return.

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