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Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith is still pissed at Dave Grohl

on July 10, 2017, 5:32pm

Dave Grohl has the reputation of being one of the nicest, funniest guys in rock, but a former Foo Fighter disagrees. In a new interview with the Daily Mail, one-time Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith compared Grohl to “a schoolyard bully” when discussing how the iconic musician surreptitiously re-recorded the majority of his drum parts on the band’s seminal The Colour and the Shape, which turns 20 this year.

In an unfortunate choice of words, Goldsmith—the founding drummer of Sunny Day Real Estate—compared his two-year run in the band to being creatively “raped” and says he was taken off the record so “they didn’t have to pay” him.

“Management, the producers and Dave, I think they all wanted Dave to play drums on that record,” he said. “I would have been cool if it had been half me and half him. Or even if there had been some kind of communication about what they were doing. But they basically dragged me through the coals. It was brutal and I think maybe the producer was hoping I would give up but I didn’t.”

Goldsmith is only credited for his work on “Doll” and “Up in Arms”, though he claims he’s also drumming during the verses of “My Poor Brain”, though he’s not credited. Goldsmith also said he’s not credited for his work on the title track and “Down in the Park” from the album’s 10th anniversary edition.

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Grohl apparently wanted him to continue touring after re-recording his parts, but Goldsmith declined, saying he “wanted to create music not make money.”

Goldsmith also claims the turmoil he experienced during this period led him to self-medicate with alcohol and drugs, though he’s now sober.

Things remain frosty between Goldsmith and Grohl, though Goldsmith has admitted he’s open to patching things up, especially since he’s heard Grohl feels similarly.

“I have been given the impression he feels bad about the way things went,” Goldsmith said. “If he feels bad about how things went then why hasn’t he tried to get a hold of me? All he would have to do is sit down and talk it out with me.”

Here’s hoping they can make that happen someday.

Foo Fighters will release a new LP, Concrete and Gold, on September 15th.