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Jack White confirms new solo album

on July 31, 2017, 3:45pm

Jack White has confirmed the recording of a new solo album. The Third Man rocker posted a pair of photos to Twitter on Monday, one taken in New York City on July 27th and the other in Los Angeles on July 30th. “Jack White recording songs for his third solo album,” the photos were captioned.

In an interview with the New Yorker back in March, White revealed that he was in the process of writing new music. At the time, he had set up shop in a small Nashville apartment, where he recorded on “a reel-to-reel tape recorder that he bought when he was fourteen with money he made mowing lawns.” His goal was “to try to write songs where I can’t be heard by the next-door neighbor. And I want to write like Michael Jackson would write — instead of writing parts on the instruments or humming melodies, you think of them. To do everything in my head and to do it in silence and use only one room.” White reportedly spent “several hours a day” crafting in this space.

The as-yet-untitled album will mark White’s third solo release following 2014’s Lazaretto and 2012’s Blunderbuss.

In April, White released a new solo recording called “Battle Cry”, which soundtracked a promotional video for the sporting good company Warstic, of which White is a co-owner. Listen below.