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Morrissey is a fan of Smash Mouth, reveals Smash Mouth singer

on July 08, 2017, 12:27pm

Stereogum just shared a pretty great interview with Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell in advance of the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut album, Fush Yu Mang. In it, the “All Star” singer discussed his potential collaboration with Car Seat Headrest, his distaste for superfan Jon Sudano, and the “team” that allegedly helps run their social media (fire them).

Most surprising, however, was the revelation that Morrissey (yes, that Morrissey) is a fan. Moz shared the bill with Smash Mouth at Guadalajara’s Roxy Fest a few months ago, an experience Harwell said was “super, super cool.”

STEREOGUM: Did you get to meet Morrissey?

HARWELL: Yeah! It was brief. But super weird and cool. He was great.

STEREOGUM: Is he a fan?

HARWELL: Yeah, he was very complimentary toward us.

So there you have it. Smash Mouth joins Rancid and cats in the tiny, tiny pantheon of things Moz actually enjoys. That would make anyone feel like an all-star.

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