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Stone Sour brought out frontman Corey Taylor’s 14-year-old son in New Jersey: Watch

on July 28, 2017, 8:11pm


Awwwww! One wouldn’t think a Stone Sour show would be the place for an incredibly sweet moment of father/son camaraderie and bonding, but that’s exactly what fans were treated to last night (July 27th) at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey. The Des Moines, Iowa metal band was joined on stage by a very special lead vocalist in Griffin Taylor, the 14-year-old son of frontman Corey Taylor, much to the crowd’s glee. The wee Taylor provided lead vocals for “Song #3” off of the band’s recently released Hydrograd, and I am hear to tell y’all—my man absolutely crushed it.

Griffin not only looks like a mini-Corey, but he apparently inherited dad’s musical talents as the kid already has some serious pipes and the kind of stage confidence it takes some adults years to cultivate. The joy emanating from father and son onstage is palpable, and the audience awards Griffin’s performance with a fittingly excited roar of applause.   

It’s nice to see Corey Taylor taking a break from his ongoing war of words with cock rock hero Chad Kroeger, during which he has compared Kroeger unfavorably to fried chicken, said his face “looks like a foot” and suggested he insert that newfound information about his face into his bottom. This verbal onslaught was retaliation for Kroeger, ever the music purist, saying Taylor’s band Slipknot was “a gimmick” and that Stone Sour was “Nickleback lite”. This fierce exchange of barbs then inspired those famed protectors of the rock realm, Smashmouth, to attempt to play peacemaker and cause the carnage to cease, but sadly the task was too Herculian for even the mighty Smashmouth. Stay tuned for more developments on this Nü Metal-as-Westeros (Game of Pwns?) story as they unfold—it seems the Taylor dynasty has already found a more than capable next-in-line in Young Griffin the Pipes Haver.