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Stream: Shabazz Palaces’ new albums Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star + Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines

on July 06, 2017, 11:00am

Photo by Nina Corcoran

On July 14th, Shabazz Palaces are set to issue not one, but two albums through Sub Pop, Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star and Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines. In anticipation, both are streaming early on NPR: Gangster Star here and The Jealous Machines here.

The 12-track Gangster Star is a concept album about an alien being sent to “Amurderca to chronicle and explore as a musical emissary.” In the character, Quazarz’s, own words:

“I, Quazarz, Born On A Gangster Star, son only of Barbara Dream Caster and Reginald The Dark Hoper – he who rides on light – dreamer of the seventh dream and kissed eternal by Awetthe Sun Scented – who far from home I found my same self differents in those constellies that be Dai at my weap-side immediate and all us Water Guild affiliates who revelries in the futures passed recordings and ceremonies  flexing resplendent  in the Paradise Sportif armor –  raising these musics a joy/cry that way into these aquadescent diamondized ethers of the Migosphere here on Drake world. Welcome To Quazarz.”

Shabazz Palaces’ third full-length to date, Gangster Star was recorded and mixed by Erik Blood at Protect and Exalt Labs in Seattle, with production coming from Knife Knights (Blood alongside Ishmael Butler). Special guest collaborators on the record include Thundercat, The Strokes’ Julian CasablancasGamble and Huff, Darrius Willrich, Sunny Levine, Ahmir, Jon Kirby, and more.

The Jealous Machines, meanwhile, represents the “extra-spatial twin” of Gangster Star and serves to elaborate on the mythology of its namesake character. Per a press release:

“A wave warrior wielding his sonic sword. Posted to the turnt-up states of Amurderca here on the Gangster Star to chronicle, explore and enjoy as a musical emissary. He discovers a world where humankind’s relationship with their tech-devices has become weirdly sensual, seducing a sedentary seamlessness with humans, while capturing and incarcerating the results of their imagination. Quazarz vs The Jealous Machines finds our protagonist with his dazzling cohorts rising a collective Nah to the device and the guilds that proliferate them.”

The Jealous Machines features a different lineup of collaborators. Production duties were left to Palaceer Lazaro and Sunny Levine and the album was mixed by Levine and Kamal Humphrey of Kamal’s House Studio. Among the LP’s contributors: Fly Guy Dai of Chimurenga Renaissance, The Shogun Shot, Laz, and Purple Tape Nate, among others.

Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star Artwork:

shabazzpalaces quazarzgangsterstar 3600x3600 300 Stream: Shabazz Palaces new albums Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star + Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines

Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star Tracklist:
01. Since C.A.Y.A.
02. When Cats Claw
03. Shine a Light (feat. Thaddillac)
04. Play
05. Dèesse Du Sang
06. Eel Dreams (feat. Loud Eyes Lou)
07. Parallax (feat. The Palaceer Lazaro)
08. Fine Ass Hairdresser
09. The Neurochem Mixalogue
10. That’s How City Life Goes
11. Moon Whip Quäz (feat. Darrius)
12. Federalist Papers

Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines Artwork:

9cd12b47 9160 4424 894f f1ffa6659d55 Stream: Shabazz Palaces new albums Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star + Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines

Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star Tracklist:
01. Welcome to Quazarz
02. Gorgeous Sleeper Cell
03. Self-MadeFollownaire
04. Atlaantis
05. Effeminence (feat. Fly Guy Dai of Chimurenga Renaissance)
06. Julian’s Dream (ode to a bad) (feat. The Shogun Shot)
07. 30 Clip Extension
08. Love in the time of Kanye (feat. Purple Tape Nate)
09.Sabonim in the Saab on ‘em
10. The SS Quintessence
11. Late night phone calls (feat. Laz)
12. Quazarz on 23rd