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10 Nine Inch Nails Songs That Freaked Your Parents Out

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10. “Something I Can Never Have”

If a parent walked into a dark bedroom warped by the sounds of “Something I Can Never Have”, they would probably reach for a Bible. The track’s hazy aura and piano strokes, similar to a down-tempo rendition of the torturous theme from The Twilight Zone, make walls shiver and hearts tremble with its almost-empty foundation. Reznor succeeds in crawling underneath your skin with every minute, especially when the piano stares him down as he painfully croons among the industrial grinds and collisions. He attempts to escape such hell to find happiness, but it can only be found through one thing: possibly a drug, lover, item, or imagined creation. Its voice “echoes just like the ringing in [your] ears,” continuously teasing and torturing your heart — well, if you have one.

Contentious Lyrics: “I still recall the taste your tears, echoing your voice just like the ringing in my ears/ My favorites dreams of you still wash ashore, scraping through my head till I don’t want to sleep anymore”

Days Grounded: One week of sleeping outside 

–Sam Willett


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