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10 Songs That Get Real About Mental Health

on August 09, 2017, 12:00am
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Sufjan Stevens – “I Want To Be Well”

The Age of Adz may be a particularly divisive album for Sufjan Stevens fans, but it’s also one of his most personal. Before the album’s release in 2010, the singer battled a viral infection that impacted his mental health and sent him into a spiraling depression. Around this time, he became fascinated by the work of schizophrenic artist and self-proclaimed prophet Royal Robertson, whose psychedelic art and strange life story influenced his new sound, lyrics, and cover art. In “I Want To Be Well”, the patterns of frustration are especially apparent as he belts out “I’m not fucking around” 16 times throughout the song’s duration. The song feels like an ongoing battle with himself for things out of his control and the defeat that brings.

Revealing Lyrics: “Illness likes to prey upon the lonely, prey upon the lonely/ Wave goodbye, oh, I would rather be, but I would rather be fine”


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