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10 Songs That Get Real About Mental Health

on August 09, 2017, 12:00am
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Soundgarden – “Boot Camp”

The song is definitely different from Soundgarden’s guitar-heavy material, but its lyrics are pretty weighted. The mellow tune reflects the numbing feelings of conformity and being trapped in a depressive state of mind. The tone of the song seems to be intertwined with Cornell’s personal life and struggles as well. He opened up about depression and anxiety in a 2006 interview with Men’s Health, saying: “I was depressed for a long time. If you’re depressed long enough, it’s almost a comfort, a state of mind that you’ve made peace with because you’ve been in it so long. It’s a very selfish world.”

Revealing Lyrics: “There must be something else/ There must be something good, far away/ Far away from here.”


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