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ExSage is “Under Your Spell” on new single: Stream

on August 02, 2017, 4:46pm

We all want to be loved, but sometimes we just don’t want to love the person who becomes the object of our affection. It’s that kind of frustrating adoration that does you more harm than good, when you know this person is no good for you — or just plain no good — and yet you can’t pull yourself away. Take that vexing desire and bake it under the desert sun, and you’ve got ExSage’s new single “Under Your Spell”.

“Inspired by the late 70s punk band Suicide, ‘Under Your Spell’ is blues in an entirely new setting,” ExSage mastermind Kate Clover tells Consequence of Sound. “Lyrically influenced by Let Love In era Nick Cave, the song ends in a full on rev-up taking an unexpected Sabbath like turn.”

She’s right about that unexpected ending. For much of the track, Clover is slowly revving an engine of chugging bass, sparks of guitar dancing around the fuel that is her Alison Mosshart-does-pop vocals. As she coos out “I knew right from the start/ Hand in hand/ You’re out for blood,” however, the spark ignites and the track tears off in a fury. Take a listen below.

“Under Your Spell” comes from ExSage’s forthcoming EP, Total Devotion. Recorded with engineer Jon Gilbert (The Kills, OFF!), the effort is due out September 22nd.