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Rush’s Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson forming new project as LeeLifeson: Report

on August 24, 2017, 10:10pm

Following 2015’s “R40” 40th anniversary, progressive rock legends Rush announced their retirement from touring. After nearly 50 years as a band, drummer Neil Peart said that chronic tendonitis had finally forced him to toss in the sticks, and there is no Rush without Peart. But that doesn’t mean the trio’s other members, bassist/lead vocalist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson, are ready to follow suit. At least, according to Eddie Trunk.

The longtime radio personality/former VH1 VJ recently broadcast a show from Houston, Texas’ House of Blues, and as Rush fansite Cygnus-X1 points out, he had some things to say about the future for Lee and Lifeson. He confirmed that while he believes Peart is “done, done, done,” he heard something different from Lee after that final tour.

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“Geddy told me he is actually reinvigorated,” said Trunk. “He told me at the time he made some changes to his diet which helped his voice and he had a ton of energy, and he wanted to make music and continue in some way.” As for Lifeson, he “seems to be somewhere in the middle. Alex has said publicly he absolutely wants to do some stuff again. He’s doing some producing, he’s doing some writing.”

And that’s when the real whammy came. “There has been talk about a band called LeeLifeson, which would be the two of them going out and doing stuff together,” Trunk revealed. “They would never call it Rush. Those guys are too classy. They would never do that. They would call it potentially LeeLifeson, maybe play some Rush tunes and make new music, because they want to continue to create new music as well.”

Trunk cautioned that he’s “heard rumors about that. Whether that actually happens or not is totally up to them.” Representatives for the band did not respond to our inquires as of publication.

Listen to Trunk’s entire remarks below (via Exclaim).